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At Better MAID we provide the complete cleaning solution for all your needs. We understand the importance of cleanliness and hygiene and pay attention to every little detail that a good cleaner would miss. From the regular office clean, end of tenancy or one-off deep cleans, to the highly detailed holiday rental or AirBnB cleaning, we have you covered. All our cleaners use antiviral cleaning products to ensure that you are safe. Call us now or send us an enquiry to get your first perfectly pristine clean you have ever experienced!

Why Us and how are we different? Can I let you in on our story?

We have been running a serviced apartment company for some time now. One of the main functional areas of our business, is housekeeping. Having scrubbed the floors and cleaned the toilets after every one of our guests gave me an understanding and appreciation of the effort required to not only do an outstanding job, but one that a 5 star hotel and the upper echelons would be very proud of. It’s not difficult, you just need some elbow grease and some attention to detail. I was sure anybody with some experience can be trained further to do the perfect job? Or so I thought…

The disappointments came thick and fast after going through many many experienced self employed and agency cleaners. None of which could provide the standard of cleaning and attention to detail that we require. Our business is heavily dependant on online reviews from our guests. Having a review of less than 5 out of 5 stars is a disappointment to me. Anything short of pristine was unacceptable and non negotiable. Our elusive “perfect housekeeper” seemed like a figment of our imagination. The solution is simple. We create our own. “Better Maid” was born.

We are lovers of travel and have frequent many continents and cultures far and wide. Stayed in many hotels and interacted with numerous hosts. Every experience is varied, unique, delightful and memorable. We don’t expect to give any less to our guests when hosting for them. As such we commit and dedicate every single housekeeping with the utmost attention and level of detail to ensure that the job done is always impeccable and second to none. A job that you would certainly be very proud of!

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