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Shield Foundation Repair Inc. is a respectable and trustworthy organization that specializes in offering both homes and businesses excellent foundation repair services. With years of expertise in the field, we have become a leader in providing efficient fixes for all kinds of foundation problems.


In addition to performing comprehensive house inspections, our staff will assess your foundation and have a conversation with you on any problems that may exist there or put you in danger. After that, we can proceed with a strategy meant to shield you and your house from any future foundation problems. You might be unsure if your foundation needs maintenance.


As experts in asbestos removal and abatement, we recognize the gravity of this issue for our clients. The only accredited contractor in Edmonton Screw Piles, Shield Remediation, offers asbestos removal, testing, and inspection along with every authorized interior foundation repair. Apart from that, we also provide asbestos removal services. Find out more about this priceless service by giving us a call or asking your Shield sales representative.


Having mould and asbestos issues in your house or place of business can be frightening. You are effectively placed in the role of a general contractor. something that not all of our clients feel at ease with. Know this. We have decades of experience in this field. We made the decision to improve the consumer experience for precisely that reason. We will look after you from the moment you first call until the day we end. We’ll make sure everything is done correctly, utilizing the best supplies and repair methods and completing the work to the greatest industry standards. Our aim is to erase your worst asbestos and mould headaches as if they never happened.


For structural concrete repair, you’ll need dependable tools, premium supplies, and knowledgeable experts who know how to apply them. You can rely on Shield Foundation Repair to expertly manage and finish new projects on schedule and under budget thanks to their more than many years of experience. In the Edmonton region, Shield has established itself as a reliable source of structural concrete repair services and provides a broad range of structural concrete services.

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