5 Star Review – Will your customer tell you?



Every company wants more 5 Star Reviews. The best advertisement in the world is a happy customer telling someone else about your business. With recent changes a google it has been a little more difficult to obtain one from your customer.

We have a simple system, connected up to Google, that makes it easy for your customer and best of all it’s FREE.

  1. Go to our we page: (Aprofitableday.com) Type in your company name – This is connected to Google where 95% of all US Businesses are listed.
  2. 2) It will generate a link (I use the short 5 Star Link) which when clicked we bring up a box where your customer can type and post instantly a review on your business.
  3. 3) That’s it. Nothing more to do !

So the way to do this is email this link to everyone of your customers that have not posted a review on your business in the last 6 months. (Always have your customer post the review – not you – Google tracks the IP address – which is great – we want honest reviews posted)