Review Images Posted to Facebook, Linkedin, Etc.

Is there a service that will take my 5 Star Reviews about my business and post them to my “News Feed” within Facebook, Linkedin, Google +, etc. ?




















What we do:

  1. Search out ALL your 4 or 5 Star Reviews on line

     – Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc.

  2. Create an image – Both in written form & an image – like above

  3. Post that to your Facebook page – as often as you like – every day – 3 days, etc.

  4. Also, includes a link posted to your google maps address contact info and your business phone.

  5. You tell us your company colors – Image represents your company and builds traffic for your business.

Yes there is !

We can take your 5 Star Reviews and post these everyday, every 3 days, every 2 days, 6 days, etc. – You tell us.  We will grab the review off of Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc. and post these for you – Plus create a link which takes the view directly to your Address and phone number on google maps.


So How much ?

Before we answer that – How much would you pay an employee to do this everyday – Copy the review, create the image, (Using your company colors), Create the text review along with it and a Link back to your company info on Google Maps ?

We will do this for you at a fraction of the cost.  Each one of our clients is different – I can answer this for you in just a few minutes.  Call us  at  503-908-7878.


More examples……






















We use your company colors to customize the look…























NOTE:  We use your logo in the bottom Left portion of post