Business Books

My No Charge Business Books (The PDF Versions) You can download below for No Charge!

Your Secret weapon – Audio,  Business is Great,  5 Star Reputation for your Business and Cybersecurity Hackers Among Us. – All of which you can download below as the .pdf Version for No Charge or you can order through Amazon Kindle below.

These will give you some great ideas to apply to your business.

Book 1:   Your Secret Weapon – Audio
Place Audio on your website for more engagement of customers!
(Download .pdf here)

Book 2:    Business Is Great
Get Your Business started today!
(Download .pdf here)

Book 3:    5 Star Reputation for Your Business!
Build and maintain your Business 5 Star Reputation
(Download .pdf Here)

Book 4:    Cybersecurity Hackers Among Us
Cybersecurity Tips
 (Download .pdf Here)

You will get at least a few ideas that will help your business.  I also have these available as Audio Books  on Audible to download and listen to.

These are short to the point books  (I am not a Pulitzer prize winner at all .. LOL  but they were fun to do – I had a ghost writer for some)

Here is my Author page where if rather then the Free PDF Version you can order directly from Amazon – Paper, Kindle or Audio Versions:

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For a complete list of all my books I have voiced for Audible:  (Click Here) 

If you have not used Audible Before and want to try it, I can provide a FREE Coupon code to most books I have done on Audible – Just send an Email. In the Subject give me the name of the book to: (Click here)