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Manage – Build – Market your companies Reputation

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Everyday customers are looking online for the services you are offering. Google keeps track of where people are and what they are typing in the search engine.

$299 per month (Pop-up Reviews and Monitoring)

Here are some great examples:

There are 3 businesses listed below for search term:  Landscaping.


So which one of these are you most likely to call ?    Exactly the top one with the 5 Star Reputation.

According to a Consumers Review Survey 92% of consumers now go online to checkout a business before contacting that business.  It takes 6-10 reviews on a business before it is trusted.



We invite you to run our FREE  Analytical Report on your business.

Here is what it checks regarding your online presence:  (NOTE this does take a few minutes)

  • Find out what customers are saying about you online

  • Search the top Business Directories to find errors & optimization issues

  • Discover how visible your business is online to potential customers


We can help you with any of the areas on the report:

  • Visibility Grade: No problem go here: (Click to our Business directory Listing service)
  • Reputation Grade: No problem – See below for our Monitor – Build and Market Leader system.
  • Video Visibility Grade:  No Problem – Our 5 Star Review Videos will build your 5 Star reputation. (Click Here)
  • Negative Reviews:  Get rid of them by adding new 5 Star Reviews – Our System below will do that for you.

You need a System to [Manage – Build & Market] your Reputation!

I use this system in our own business. Let me give you 5 Great Reasons why it has changed the way we do business and how it has help us gain trust and business from our own reputation online.

First of all , go to and type in what most people do to research a company: Type  “Company Name City Reviews” – ” Lake Oswego Reviews

Manage – Build and Market your Reputation

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With our CRM you have control of all aspects of your companies marketing:

  1.  See your online rating and  the number of reviews you have
  2.  Ever customer you deal receives a request for “Feedback” – Look at these beautiful graphics – Where are we at with response?
  3. If the “Feedback” is  a 4 or 5 you ask the customer to post – with one click. If under 4 customer service to follow-up
  4. At a glance – Contacts – Campaigns – Promotions – Messages sent
  5. “add a contact” and the customer/client/patient receives an instant request for feedback.
  6. Our exclusive “training videos” teach you and your staff how to use our system easily and fast.

Our Robust Graphic panel – Tells you where you are at at a glance.

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  1. Contact Request summary – Opened – Clicked, etc. – Fast and easy to understand
  2. You can see all stages of emails that have been sent and there responses.
  3. Different campaigns for sign-in – Thank you and Apology (Negative reviews)
  4. Again, click the “Training Video” for help understanding all aspects of information you are seeing on the screen



Promotions sent to “A” customers means more business


  1. An easy way to create and monitor customer promotions. Sent  – Opened and Clicked
  2. Another easy way to see response to company promotions.
  3. Again, another “training video” to understand all aspects of what you see on the screen.

 We post your reviews as images – It’s like having a FULL Time social marketing person on your staff!

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  1. Our staff takes your written reviews and turn them into images and post them for you on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.
  2. They show up in your Facebook Timeline and newsfeed.

One negative review on your brand has the power to negatively impact your bottom line. Are you experiencing a negative backlash from an online review or comment? Our team of online reputation experts are here to improve your business’ online reputation and ensure consumers are presented with only positive vibes about your brand.

Have you been struggling to improve your online reputation? Do people always say your business is great, but they never buy from you? Is your website not as converting as you’d like it to be? If so, our team of online reputation experts are here to help. Let us assist you in turning your company into a commercial success.

The current online marketplace is extremely competitive, with companies constantly vying for a slice of the digital pie. You’ve spent a considerable amount of time and money developing your brand, only to be deterred by other brands that are stealing your customer base. With negative reviews on social media sites and review websites, consumers are trusting others’ opinions more than yours and eroding your reputation daily. We know how critical it is to control what customers see when they first arrive online. If you want an advantage over the competition, contact us right now to learn about our reputation management services for more effective lead generation. Call us today.



We have 3 Plans to help your business Monitor – Manage – Build and Market your companies reputation.

Call us to go over the cost or schedule a call back in our “Request for a call” top of page on the right.

Silver Plan 1

  • We setup 24/7 Monitoring – anyone who does a review – good or bad – on your company we notify you ASAP

  • Monitor & Alert You On New Reviews Everyday

  • Weekly “Reputation Report”

  • Listing Optimization

  • Instant Review Alerts

  • Online Review Analytics


Gold Plan 2

  • Everything above in the Silver Plan +

  • 2 custom feedback pages

  • Custom Feedback CRM

  • Complete Analytic’s

  • Mobile app & Sign In Page

  • Employee Training center – We have a test and provide video training on how to use your CRM.

  • Custom Feedback CRM too

Platinum Plan 3

  • Everything above in the Silver and Gold Plans

  • Unlimited Professional design Images

  • Monthly 60 Second Video 5 Star Review Commercials

  • Social Media Review Marketing

  • Develop professionaly designed Survey and Feedback Pages

  • Develop A Reputation Strategy For You To Get Reviews Fast

  • Create Professional Review Images for daily syndication

  • Image Review Marketing

  • Daily post your reviews to website, Blog, Facebook,Google +, Linkedin & Twitter

  • Video Review Marketing

  • Video Syndication and SEO

  • Reputation Marketing Analytic’s

  • Create A Custom Feedback CRM & Write And Setup Email Campaigns

  • Create Promotions to get customers Buying MORE EACH MONTH !

If you had to hire someone to do all of the above, what would it Cost you each Month ?

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