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In the old days, we used to have something called “Telephone Books”.  When you needed a specific service, you would simply look it up in the yellow pages directory.

Today of course, you go to the internet and search on Google, Bing, Yelp, YP etc. But now you need more. People don’t just go to the first business they see, they take the time to look for reviews or should I say “5 Star reviews”.


Having a five star review of your business – is the key to getting new customers, clients or patients.


We search Google, Yelp, and other search engines for reviews of your business and post them on YouTube for everyone to see. These are all optimized in the search engines for top performance.


Please note: This is part of our “Beta” program and may be available at the below price for a limited time.

When I talk to customers I always like to ask them a question, about our videos, ” What do you think something like this personalized 5 Star Video about your business will cost – with a  spokes model,  camera person, graphics, Hollywood style studio, editing and animation.” ?

Most people tell me $3000 – $4000 per video.   Well this is a great deal.  This is a limited time offer as part of our “Beta” program.

We provide several packages below, to fit your budget. Please call if you have any questions or need clarification on description of our packages.

(Allow 5-7 days for production of your 5 Star Review)

[ss_product id=’2d1347c4-de70-11e5-ba06-04012fe20a01′ sku=’5%20Star%20Customer%205%20Star%20Review%20Video’ ]5 Star Basic Customer Review Video[/ss_product]


[ss_product id=’80bcb4e4-e264-11e5-b042-04012fe20a01′ sku=’Locksmith%20Video%20Commercial%20-%20Gold’ ]Locksmith Video Commercial – Gold[/ss_product]

[ss_product id=’512cf388-e264-11e5-beeb-04012fe20a01′ sku=’Locksmith%20Video%20Commercial%20-%20Silver’ ]Locksmith Video Commercial – Silver[/ss_product]



Another great way to build up your following in the community, is to have a video of yourself on the front page of your web site.


Below are what we call our “Expert” interviews style.  You talk looking off to the side of the camera or if you are camera shy use the Video/Audio Expert interview style.  We will help you write the script. These take less than 30 minutes to do and you own them once they are complete place on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media.

You will look like the expert you are, by following our simple method to build a following in your community.

Video “Expert” style Example


Audio/Video Style “Expert” example




Which one would you like to do ?


Click below for an appointment and lets get you on TV as an “Expert” !



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