Customer Monthly Reports Page

These are “Monthly Reports”actual reports we provide each month to show customers how many people watched, how long they watched, etc.

Attached you will find last months report – which covers:

  • All Impressions and Views (% and Total)
  • Total In-Stream
  • Audience Retention – How long did they watch
  • Demographics of Viewer
  • Devices – Played on Mobile Phones-Tablets-Desktop Computers
  • Locations ad ran – usually by Zip Code
  • Day & Hours ad was watched most – This is new and a fascinating look of peoples viewing habits of your ad running on the Google Network.

Impressions VS. Views – With YouTube/Google Ads a prospect can click out of the ad after 5 Seconds – It only counts as a View if the person watched the ad more than 5 seconds – Another Section of the report tells you how long they watched.  It is important to keep the ad short 35-45 seconds to keep them until the end for contact information.


The question for the business owner – “If you had at least 400 people watching a Video about your business Every Month – What would happen” —  We have a lot of different types of people advertising with us. The answer is it varies by customer type and location. This is why we don’t do contracts – It is Month-to-Month. You can cancel anytime – just give us a 30 day notice.

For privacy, we have hidden identity on each report, but these are Live Customer Reports generated every month.



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