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Our Local Business Listing Service submits your business to local directories like yellow pages and google maps. Let your customers/clients find you more directly and in more ways, especially targeted ones in your local area.
Every order comes with a report of the places that we have submitted your website to as well as the log in information. Note that you may have to respond to phone calls and emails of certain places to get listed.


Sent to these directories plus others  for a a total of 35 – 100 – 200 or 300 including all of these Directories Submitted:

Google – Bing – Yahoo – Yelp – Facebook – Foursquare – Insider Pages – Dex Knows – Merchant Circle – Super Pages – Yellow Bot – Yellow Pages – – Trip Advisor – Judys Book – Best of Web – Kudzu – Hot Frog – Llocal


We  ensure that your site details are submitted correctly and successfully. Whether your link is put up on every directory we submit to is dependent upon the directory. Every directory owner has their own criteria for approving sites and your link may or may not be put up. What we’ve noticed is approximately 40% do get approved.

On top of the items included in our regular Business Listings service, you can provide to us up to 3 pictures and 1 video. We will include those items on all sites used that will accept them.

With our “Double Check” service, we will check for your listing’s existence in a directory before making a submission. If the submission already exists,  we will claim/verify the submission AND we will check in every two weeks for 2 months and indicate the published link if the website gets updated.

Plus included is your own email account to go to one source to communicate with the directories – Cuts down on your own email and is easy to manage. Note that you may have to respond to phone calls and emails of certain places to get listed.

Please note- All Local Business Listing submissions undergo the review/approval process before listings are published online. From directory to directory the review time varies from few weeks to 4 months. Only some directories allow instant submissions approval, for these directories we are able to include listing URL in the report. For other directories we can provide only the directory URL.

We send you a report like the one below:

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Our Free Booklet:

The Power of Top Online Directories 2017

(Click here to download)



Local Business Listing Service – 35 directories (Silver)







Local Business Listing Service – 100 Directories (Gold Plan)



Local Business Listing Service – 200 Directories (platinum plan)



Local Business Listing Service – 300 Directories (platinum+ plan)





Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I/My clients are not located in the US – are you able to complete listings for other countries?

Yes, absolutely. We serve all major countries such as UK, Australia, Canada, etc. We’re also happy to submit to a list you provide us. Simply let us know in the “Any Special Instructions For Us” area when you order.


  • Do you include claiming the listings?

Sure – we’ll fill out the information on Google, Bing, Mapquest, etc. as fully as possible. We’ll pick the postcard option and provide you with all account login information. You can either fill that in when you/your client gets the postcard, or let us know and we can do that for you.
If you’d like us to handle phone verification and can give us access to the phone number, let us know and we can set up a process/pricing that works both of us.


  • Can I pick the local listing sites that I’d like to submit to?

Sure, absolutely. You can provide us any list that you’d like. Please note though that if the website does not take submissions, or has a technical error, we mark it as such and it will count as a submission (since it takes the same amount of time to submit to a known website as to go through a website looking for the submission link and attempting the submission).