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Susan Robertson’s grandfather, Leonil Garlock started West Coast Accounting in 1948. His son, Richard L. Garlock soon joined in the practice and took over in 1960 and ran the business as R. L. Garlock, Public Accountant until June of 1990. At that time Sue took over and changed the name to 3rd Generation Accounting, Inc. because she is the third generation. Sue has many credentials that will help your business and tax return preparation. She is a Licensed Tax Consultant as well as an Enrolled Agent. An enrolled agent can represent their clients before the IRS with audits or any other dealings with them. Sue is also an Accredited Tax Advisor as well as an Accredited Business Advisor.

The professionals here at 3rd Generation Accounting have undergone intensive education and training. Each professional has completed a minimum 80-hour course in federal and state tax laws. In addition to our educational requirements our professionals have all taken and passed examinations that ensure they know the tax law and how to properly prepare tax returns. Our Tax experts have many years of experience, has completed numerous hours of additional training, and have passed numerous detailed examinations. In addition to our initial training our staff must successfully complete an additional 32 hours of continuing education each year. Additionally, our Tax Professionals are all registered with the Internal Revenue Service as Tax Return Preparers.

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Our Tax Preparation fees depend on the complexity of your tax return. The complexity of your tax return depends on which forms are required by law to be prepared in your unique situation. Our fees are based upon the forms that we need to prepare and the entries that are required for those forms. Please contact us so one of our tax professionals can give you an estimate.

Our Bookkeeping fees depend on the estimated number of monthly hours required to handle your business’ bookkeeping needs. One of our tax professionals can give you a quote.

Our payroll fees are based upon an hourly charge. The hourly fee will vary depending upon the type of assistance required. One of our tax professionals can help you determine the fee that would apply to your situation, and estimate (if possible) the total cost to you.


Executive Director of Oregon Association of Independent Accountants

Oregon State Director of the National Society of Accountants

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$0.00 to $100.00

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$0.00 - $100.00
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