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Adaptive Agriculture Solutions Inc. provides grain drying solutions. We have developed sensor-based systems that can be equipped with the grain bin and helps farmers in managing bins via mobile app. The sensor systems operate a supplemental heater reducing natural air drying and cooling grains to optimal storage temperatures after each drying event. The platform allows users to get alert notifications via mobile devices.

Our Bindapt+ and Bindapt+ Pro devices will regulate the temperature entering your bin to provide safe supplemental heat while collecting valuable insights on the progress via the Mobile and Desktop Web Platform

The Bindapt+ and Bindapt+ Devices have an integrated plenum sensor that reads Temperature, Humidity, and Static pressure in the plenum. These data points are crucial to a successful In-Bin Drying Application. We use Temperature and Humidity set-points to regulate the supplemental heat entering the bin while using the Static Pressure Sensor to understand the fans performance.

The Static Pressure is matched against your Fan Chart to convert Pressure (iwg) into CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) in the platform. We take this one step further by dividing those CFM by the bushels in the bin to give you CFM per bushel. In order to dry grain In-Bin you must have over 1 CFM per Bushel of grain.

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