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Get the latest, most modern, and top-tier medical care for your podiatric ailments at Advanced Foot and Ankle Solutions. Operated by the magnanimous Dr. Sadhnani, the institute, as well as the caretakers, show an unprecedented dedication toward patient relief and welfare.

Aptly named Advanced Foot and Ankle Solutions provides an extensive range of diagnostics, treatment, and remedial solutions for all sorts of podiatric concerns. Often underestimated in terms of other appendages, the feet happen to be among the strongest and most significant structures of the human body. Not only are they sturdy enough to withstand our entire anatomical weight, but flexible enough to allow for some pretty agile movement. However, strong it might be exposing the podiatric region to stresses and pressures beyond what it’s designed to withstand can lead to a number of problems. The situations often arise within the athletic and labor community i.e., people that are required to over-exert themselves daily. However, the ailments can affect the general public too – due to physical injuries, heavy lifting, or sudden unfavorable moments.

From the leg down to the foot up, Advanced Foot and Ankle Solutions provides treatment and remedies for all podiatric ailments. To do so, the institute keeps together a team of exceptional and immensely skilled physicians and surgeons that are headed by Dr. Sadhnani, one of the most well-known podiatric surgeons in the country. Based in Rosedale, New York, Dr. Manoj Sadhnani is a multi-faceted board-certified podiatric surgeon, who has over two decades of experience practicing in a diverse range of fields.

Equipped with Dr. Sadhnani’s medical expertise, a highly dedicated team of professionals, and state-of-art medicinal tools – Advanced Foot and Ankle Solutions is without a doubt, one of New York’s most top-tier podiatric medical clinics.

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