Aprajita Kohli - CEO of Megrisoft And Founder Of Femest

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Glaisher Street , , SE8 3JP, United Kingdom
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Aprajita Kohli stands as a paragon of digital innovation and female empowerment in the corporate world. Her journey in digital marketing, spanning over a decade, is marked by groundbreaking strategies and transformative approaches. As the founder of a globally recognized women’s magazine Femest , Aprajita has created a dynamic platform that not only celebrates but also amplifies the voices of women across various spheres. Her leadership as the CEO of Megrisoft, a company renowned for its cutting-edge digital solutions, further underscores her exceptional acumen in navigating the complex digital landscape.

Residing in London for 15 years, Aprajita has woven the city’s diverse and vibrant culture into her professional endeavors, enriching her perspective and approach. Her commitment to women’s empowerment extends beyond the boardroom; she is actively involved in mentorship programs, collaborating with numerous universities to nurture the next generation of female leaders. Her recent venture into a new startup further exemplifies her relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence.

Aprajita’s journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to both her professional aspirations and her profound commitment to societal advancement. Her work reflects a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit, digital mastery, and a deep-rooted desire to empower women, making her a true trailblazer in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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$0.00 - $13.00
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