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Atmosfair was created by husband and wife Aron and Emma whilst working their own luxury loft conversion. Inspired by his father and late grandfather, both highly skilled tradesmen, Aron designed and installed many of the energy-efficient technologies himself including a new R32 split air conditioning system to keep their space cool in summer and warm in the winter. To do this, Aron retrained at the highly regarded Ellis Training Works in Hertfordshire and after months of working with one of the best mentors in the industry, Atmosfair was born.

Aron and his team model their approach on how both their customers and the environment should be treated: fairly.

The Atmosfair Commitment.

? Tailored solutions for your budget and usage.

We only stock the most energy-efficient products.

Working towards a sustainable future for all.

Atmosfair is an the air conditioning company london that is serious about its environmental impact. It offers a variety of air conditioners that are designed to be eco-friendly, including models that use natural refrigerants and those that are Energy Star certified. Atmosfair also offers a recycling program for old air conditioners in London, which helps to reduce the amount of waste in landfills.

The company’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there – Atmosfair also offsets the carbon emissions from its manufacturing processes by investing in renewable energy projects around the world. So if you’re looking for air conditioning services in London that care about the planet, Atmosfair is a great choice.

Our Products.

Atmosfair only provides the most efficient air conditioning solutions.

Here are some of the types of unit available for your home:


Low-cost in comparison to other air conditioning units, wall-mounted air con hertfordshire air conditioning is highly efficient, versatile and perfect for single rooms.

Floor Mounted / Console.

Takes fractionally less time to feel the benefits in comparison to a wall-mounted unit, the floor-mounted option is a great for those who want a discreet option or where wall space is limited.

Ceiling Casette.
The cassette unit is often installed into ceiling with the mounted grill on show. Ideal for larger open spaces.

Concealed Ducted.

The ideal choice for those who prefer a concealed option, ducted units offer great climate control for those looking to preserve their aesthetics. Often installed within false walls or suspended ceilings with just the mounted grill on show.

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