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DiskMFR offers high-quality NAND flash storage and security products for embedded and NetCom markets. Our products prioritize perfection and reliability to keep your data safe and systems running smoothly. Expect exceptional support and satisfaction with our customer-centric approach. Trust DiskMFR™ for reliable storage and security solutions that meet your business needs.

As more and more electronics are being integrated inside the automotive cabin and under the hood, storage systems for the automotive market need to perform flawlessly in all usage applications and environments. Advancements in automotive electronics ushers in the era of the connected car, advanced driver assistance systems, GPS navigation, and feature-rich infotainment systems. Automotive applications require highly reliable memory technologies to support the computation and data storage demands of modern automotive systems. DiskMFR offers high-end memory products in multiple embedded and removable form factors to work with the automotive industry’s newest and most demanding applications.

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