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200 South 6th Street, Minnesota, 55402, USA
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Avisen is a boutique business law firm in Minneapolis that provides you with direct access to partner-level attorneys who work collaboratively to meet your business and legal goals.

At Avisen Legal we know that serving our clients requires the creativity and experience our lawyers have fine-tuned over 20+ years in practice. That’s a given. But we also pride ourselves on building relationships with talented, accomplished, senior lawyers outside the firm that we pull in as needed for their laser-focused experience in one specific area or another. Enter, the Avisen Legal Affiliate Attorney Program.

The Avisen Legal Affiliate Attorney program provides a customized solution for clients who need very specific and complex services on-demand. At Avisen Legal we have a stringent vetting process, the foundation of which are the personal relationships we have developed from our many years in the legal industry. Tapping into our team of Affiliated Attorneys allows us to deliver the most comprehensive solutions for our clients by hand-picking attorneys who stand ready to drop everything and fill a focused and specific client need.

Two lawyers walk into a bar. Should be a start of a good joke (Bar sinks in the ocean, catches fire, etc…).But the two lawyers had a serious concern.  Both were partners in a big law firm and were looking for a more entrepreneurial, collaborative, and healthy legal services model – one more focused on client service with a “clients always come first” approach.  We knew this type of model encouraged a better connection to clients without the pressure to bill to cover outsized overhead costs.

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