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3/49 Calarco Dr, Victoria, 3030, Australia
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At BHD Storage Solutions, we offer a range of warehouse shelving and Cantilever Racking to help you better access and organise your stock. By improving and expanding your storage capabilities, you can improve productivity and avoid unnecessary financial losses. Additionally, our storage solutions can reduce the risk of human error and help prevent workplace accidents. From warehouse racking system through to cantilever racks and more, we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for within our range. We also pride ourselves on our excellent workmanship and customer service, ensuring all clients receive tailored results that maximise the efficiency of their operations.

BHD is a full-service, turnkey, storage solution provider, offering a wide range of traditional racking including: Cantilever, Tyre, Pigeon Hole, Mezzanine, woodhouse timber, and Pallet Racking, as well as being a pioneering force in the sphere of electronic mobile, and shuttle racking solutions.

At BHD Storage Solutions, our cantilever racking and cantilever shelving system in Australia is the best choice if you’re interested in planning for business growth and change. We’re leading the way in the design and functionality of cantilever storage racks with pivot arm technology, while ensuring the prevention of structural or product damage. Our heavy-duty cantilever racking system is especially useful, capable of standing up to daily stresses.

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