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1356 Broadway, New York, 10018, USA
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Blockseed offers a comprehensive SaaS platform tailored to support startups in receiving timely and quantifiable feedback. Our primary aim is to promote inclusivity among stakeholders and furnish them with robust analytics. We facilitate a bidirectional feedback system to understand investor preferences across diverse venture stages and industries, refining potential investors’ interests. Startups receive personalized educational support and quantitative metrics for progress tracking.

Our expertise spans Web/App/Blockchain Development and Management (MERN Stack), UIUX, Product Research, DevOps, and Product Management. We specialize in crafting investor pitch decks, conducting Market Research, Go-to-Market Strategy Analysis, and CAC-LTV Calculations. Additionally, we excel in Visualization & Dashboarding, BI Tools Integration, Statistical Modeling, Analytics, and Algo Design & Development.

In addition to services, Blockseed develops proprietary products and is establishing its own Accelerator and Venture Capital Arm. Our flagship product is a relationship intelligence tool, serving as an Automated CRM solution. We also provide pitch deck services to enhance startup presentations.

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