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Morocco has a very long tradition of weaving some of the most beautiful rugs in the world. When the Berber tribes settled in Morocco, wonderful Moroccan rugs have been woven. For more than a thousand years, the women of the tribes have hand-tied wool rugs, from the sheep they herd high up in the Atlas Mountains. The tribes are still to be found in the mountains today, and the skill is passed on from mother to daughter.

Moroccan rugs have unique patterns and colours, because they are made by hand without following any fixed pattern. The weavers weave in their interpretations of important experiences and events from their lives into the mats; symbols for love, nature, happiness are frequently found on Moroccan rugs. The naturally strong colours, such as blue, red, orange, yellow and purple, are taken from plants and berries, such as the Henna bush, pomegranate, fig and tealeaves that grow in the Atlas Mountains. The natural black colour comes directly from the wool from the sheep and goats in the mountainous regions.

Each beautiful Moroccan Berber rug that you see on our site has been hand selected. All of the rugs exemplify high-quality craftsmanship.

The subtly colourful rug designs are ideal for most rooms in your home  we are using traditional hand made rug making technique.

Our Berber rugs are 100% authentic  and  have been hand selected for their quality and style.  combine a blend of traditional and contemporary styling ensuring they will work well with most design styles. shop one of the best kind of handmade antiques design Moroccan rugs that is best for you.

We are an established British home and lifestyle brand purveying only the highest-quality hand-selected Handmade Moroccan Rugs in UK, and featuring England’s largest collection of genuine Moroccan Berber rugs, lovingly created by the artisans of the Berber Tribes Outstanding characteristics, such as the one-of-a-kind patterns and sumptuous texture have made them a favourite among our customers.

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