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Paint and sip events have taken Australia by storm, offering a unique blend of creativity and socialising. These events, perfect for adults, combine the joy of painting with the relaxation of sipping your favourite beverage. Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane are home to numerous venues that host these delightful gatherings. Paint and sip events offer numerous benefits. They provide a creative outlet, allowing you to explore your artistic talents in a relaxed setting. These events are also highly social, making them perfect for meeting new people or enjoying a night out with friends. Additionally, the guided format ensures that even those with no prior painting experience can create something beautiful.

Buying the best range of painting sets for adults is a crucial decision to make. Some of the best options available are the following:

  • Printed Painting Kit | Create Art with Ease | Adult Paint Kit, Glow in the Dark Painting Kit | Glow in the Dark Paint Set
  • Boxful’s Ultimate Kids Painting Party Kit, Tote Bag Painting Kit, and Mini Painting Kit | Small Paint Kit | Kids Paint Set
  • Canvas with Easel | Perfect size (close to A4), Pre-Printed Canvas | Create Art with Ease, and Small Canvas with Easel
  • Glow in the Dark Paint (Acrylic), Acrylic Paint Set, and Soft Pastel Paint Set (Acrylic)


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