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Hello family! I hope you have a week full of energy and very very happy, as always I achieve what I can and what I can’t… well, nothing another day. But let’s get to it, as promised, here is the post with the breakfast ideas and their corresponding recipes, so that you have everything at hand, it couldn’t be easier! or not?

Some of the recipes that I will post are already on Instagram, others are not, but this way you have them on hand when you don’t know what to prepare for breakfast or snack, especially the families that have most recently arrived on my account, who have most likely lost the odd recipe.

We put many of these ideas and recipes into practice very often, whether for breakfast or snacks. You have super quick ideas and others that are more elaborate, it will depend on the time we have or what we feel most like. Just add that I always give my little one fruit in all his meals and snacks, and if I give him any of these breakfasts or snacks too it doesn’t mean he eats it, but at least he always has the option available.

Since I know you are going to ask me, I tell you that ALL the ideas in this post are SUITABLE from 6 months of age, EXCEPT the bowl of yogurt, fruits, and seeds, which could be used from 9-10 months of age. occasionally according to the recommendations of the AEPED. All the recipes are WITHOUT added SUGAR.

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