Detailed Information

Healthcare services – Healthcare app for patients and web app for doctors.
Electronic health records maintained and updated by a team of doctors.
Internal team of doctors offering telehealth, report analysis and test recommendations.
Affiliated offline network of diagnostic centres and hospitals for home based sample collection, in person consultations, procedures, interventions and expert opinion.

24*7 Healthcare services

Hybrid model of Telehealth and affiliate network of offline doctors

Health records maintained and updated by a team of doctors

Guiding pateint in selecting the right doctor and Saving patients from unnecessary doctor visits 

Service: Telehealth, Expert opinnion, Report analysis, Recommendations for offline doctors and diagnostic centres

We provide a range of telehealth services via WhatsApp, including virtual consultations, expert medical opinions, detailed report analysis, and more.

The cost for expert medical opinions varies with the complexity of the case and level of expertise needed to help you. Please connect with us on WhatsApp for a precise quote.




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