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Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah is a dedicated community that embraces the profound significance of Torah study and prayer in honoring the memory of our loved ones who have passed away. Through the recitation of the mourner’s kaddish during our study sessions, we create a sacred space where the power of prayer intertwines with the pursuit of knowledge. This practice not only brings merit to the departed but also offers solace and comfort to those who mourn. Understanding the challenges faced by individuals navigating the complexities of loss and grief, our community provides comprehensive support and encouragement. We offer a wide range of publications and resources that aim to assist mourners in finding strength, understanding, and healing. Whether it’s guidance on coping with grief or reflections on the profound teachings of the Torah, our resources serve as valuable companions on the journey of mourning. Chevrah Lomdei Mishnah is a sanctuary where the study of Torah and the solace of prayer converge, providing a nurturing environment for individuals to honor their loved ones and find solace in times of loss.

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– Yahrtzeit
– Kaddish
– Yizkor Services and Tehillim


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