Connecticut Center for Recovery

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177 W. Putnam Avenue, 1st Floor, Greenwich, CT 06830, Connecticut, 6830, USA
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Connecticut Recovery, a beacon of hope in addiction recovery, embodies a transformative philosophy. Rooted in compassion and empowerment, their approach fosters resilience and growth. By embracing individual journeys, they forge a path to lasting recovery, advocating for holistic well-being and community support. Discover the essence of healing at Connecticut Recovery.


Make a confident choice for your well-being with top-rated dual diagnosis treatment in Connecticut at Connecticut Center for Recovery. Addressing both mental health and substance use, our specialized programs offer comprehensive care for lasting recovery. Our expert team integrates evidence-based therapies to provide personalized treatment plans. Choose a path to healing that prioritizes your mental wellness and sobriety. At Connecticut Center for Recovery, we are dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey to renewed health. Opt for excellence in dual diagnosis treatment and embark on a transformative recovery experience with us.

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