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101, Chitrarath Complex, C G Road, P.O. Navrangapura, 380009, India
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Countrywide Logistics has rapidly emerged as a leader in express cargo and logistics. Originally established in 2011 with only two branches in Kolkata and Ahmedabad, we now have 80 branches and over 4000 service locations across the country. Our comprehensive services include courier and cargo, warehousing, last-mile delivery, air freight and total logistics solutions. With a dedicated team and a fleet of 100 vehicles, we serve diverse industries and provide customized solutions to over 15,000 satisfied customers across India. Unlocking Transparency and Efficiency: Real-Time Live Shipment Tracking Solutions.

Countrywide Logistics is a leading global provider of logistics solutions, known for its extensive network, innovative technology, and commitment to sustainability. With a diverse fleet and strategic distribution hubs, we ensure efficient and reliable delivery of goods worldwide, while prioritizing customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility.

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