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7060 North Marks Avenue, California, 93711, USA
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CRMBC is a California self-insured group where safety-driven restaurants pool their resources to self-insure their workers’ compensation insurance. Self-insurance is an alternative to traditional insurance, offering improved claims outcomes, greater control, and cost savings. Savvy restaurant owners choose self-insurance because it consistently outperforms traditional insurance over time. Self-insured groups are formed by business owners pooling their resources to achieve greater control, improved claims outcomes, and lower overall costs. Members share in any surpluses or shortfalls of funding needed to cover claims and operating costs. The California Restaurant Mutual Benefit Corp (CRMBC) is the only workers’ compensation self-insured group for California restaurants.

CRMBC is owned, operated, and governed by its members, unlike traditional insurers whose primary duty is to make a profit for their shareholders. Self-insuring allows restaurant owners to control their claims, ensure peace of mind, and maximize their profits. When you self-insure, you are the house that wins. Over the last 105 years, self-insurance has consistently outperformed traditional insurance on every metric.

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