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90 State Street, New York, 12207, USA
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IBEX Packaging is a company that specializes in custom boxes and packaging solutions for various businesses and industries. They offer a wide range of materials, styles, designs, and printing options to create unique and attractive packaging for different products. They also provide consultation and guidance to help their clients achieve their packaging goals and enhance their brand image. IBEX Packaging aims to provide smart startups and creative small enterprises with cost effective packaging solutions and empower them to compete in the market. Some of the products they offer include retail boxes, cosmetic boxes, food boxes, rigid boxes, bags, and other products. They have a team of experienced professionals who can help with designing, manufacturing, and delivering the final product at the doorsteps of their clients. They also have a vision to stimulate the economic activities, inspire entrepreneurs, and create employment opportunities through their packaging solutions. One of their featured products is the portable power bank packaging boxes, which are made of high-quality rigid corrugated material and can protect the electronic devices from damage and dust.

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