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The Most Trusted Wire Manufacturers in North America

Located in Vancouver, Duke’s Metal Industries has over 30 years of production experience in China. The combination of the Chinese price and Canadian quality makes us the most competitive manufacturer and supplier of wire and fabricated wire products in North America. Our range of premium products are engineered and produced to meet ASTM and CSI standards to deliver quality, versatility, and durability to commercial and industrial clients. We are proud to offer sturdy, cost-effective reinforcement solutions for projects of all sizes. Give us a call today to discuss your needs and get a free quotation on our superior products.

Welded Wire Reinforcement

Welded Wire Reinforcement, or WWR, is an efficient and economical wire product used for concrete reinforcement. Used as a viable option for the construction and pre-cast industries, these products come in both sheets and rolls. Saving you time and money over standard rebar methods, welded wire reinforcements are welded in a mat with a dense mesh spacing pattern that keeps wires stable when concrete is placed.

We specialize in everything from Duke’s Metal Industries to bar grating and expanded metal. Our products are used in industries such as agriculture, decoration, fencing warehousing, kitchenware and construction. We are a supplier of premium quality wire and wire products in North America with excellent teams that are professional in manufacturing, supply chain management, customer service and administrative support service.

Flat Filament Crimped Wire Mesh: Material: Stainless Steel Mesh, wire, black wire, lead wire, white steel wire, brass wire, copper wire,barbed Wire and other non-ferrous metal wire. Application: It is used in metallurgy, construction, wiping walls and other industries. It is mainly used as high-grade interior decorations for building facades, wall decorations, screens, partitions, suspended ceilings, sun shades, balconies and corridors, column surface decorations, stairways and restaurants, offices, exhibition halls, shops, etc.

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