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Embryology app

Before the use of microscope, most of the microbiology was a comparative and descriptive studies. 19th century, paved a path for cellular biology which is the bed rock for embryology studies.

Embryology is a branch of biology which concentrates on formation  of embryo and fetus along with its various progressive stages of development.

S3D Medimagic covers embryology subject very extensively through its 2D and 3D videos. The content is created by industry leading medical experts who cover the subject from basics to advanced level in a simple, clean and intuitive manner which can be understood by freshers to graduates.

Embryogenesis is a eight week developmental stages starting with zygote formation due to fusion of egg and sperm leading to fertilization which forms the core of embryology. This amazing and complicated microscopic process from a single cell to a fully grown organism is well shown in our application.

Each organs and functional systems develop at different stages which has to be understood clearly to master the embryology course. Various stages of embryo development are fertilization, blastocyst development, blastocyst implant, embryo development and fetal development.

Medimagic has developed high definition animation in 2D and 3D which not only explains the process but also take you through the journey of embryology at various developmental stages in a never seen before world of 3D visuals.

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