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A Termite Inspection also known as a Visual Timber Pest Inspection is considered to be the annual health check of the property for signs of termites.

During this termite inspection, it can be determined whether there is or has ever been termites at the property and also what environmental conditions are making the property more susceptible to termites entering into the property.

Termites are a major threat to homes in Australia with 1 in every 3 homes being attacked. Termite damage is now estimated over more than $800 Million dollars. Every year more damage is done to homes by termites than both fires and storms combined.

As termites (white ants) forage for food, they can gain access to your home from the subfloor area, the concrete slab edge, between construction joints in the concrete slab and even timber structures that are attached to the house.

Having a steel framed structured building does not mean it is safe from termite attack. A CSIRO study showed that steel-framed homes are just as vulnerable to termite attack because the termites will attack the timber materials installed in these constructions such as window frames, timber doors and skirting boards.

Buildings with concrete flooring slabs on the ground also have the highest percentage of long term termite attack compared to buildings with suspended floors.

With termites being the most destructive of timber pests they eat cellulose, starches and sugars (carbohydrates) that they obtain from wood. With the termites constantly feeding on these timbers they will in a very short period of time destroy it.

Prevention is key when dealing with termites, so whilst our technicians visit for termite detection, they will also inform you of any necessary maintenance issues that may need addressing to minimise the risk of termites entering the property. Drainage, leaking showers, subfloor ventilation, wood rot, moisture and mould just to name a few.

Termites are capable of causing large amounts of damage to a property in a very short period of time which often results in costing the homeowner thousands of dollars to repair.

The last thing you want is to discover that there is a major termite infestation in your home – This sure isn’t your typical pest control problem. Your home is now deemed seriously damaged which is not only going to cause a lot of stress for you but also financially impact you and your family. This could have been avoided by simply getting professional pest control services to carry out a thorough termite inspection.

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