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12020 Falcon Ridge Way , California, 91326, USA
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Fuson precision machining is original in 2016 Dongguan China, which is specialized in custom precision machined parts and trade in industry machinery parts. we have strong supply chain system to support the process capicity. We are manufacturer of custom machined parts, cnc precision machining, and qualified ISO9001 enterprise.

Fuson precision machining has dozens of high precision machines such as CNC processing center, CNC Lathe, AGIE EDM machine,Grinding Machine etc. and imported inspection equipment include CMM, Projector ,Height gauge, hardness tester,Block and Pin gauges etc.

Totally, we are precision machine shop,cnc machining china,precision cnc milling,custom machined parts,machine parts manufacturer etc.

At Fuson Precision Machining, we aim to help our clients grow. We do this by knowing that every part we produce is of the highest quality available on the market from CNC machining China today. Our customers refer to the Medical industry, Mechanical industry, Aviation industry, Package industry, Automation industry Electronic industry, etc.


Anodised black precision parts

CNC precision machine shop

Miller Machine Shop China

Product description: At Fuson Precision Machining, we provide the best quality miller machine parts at affordable prices in China.

Black Oxidation steel machined parts

CNC machining, miller machine shop

custom machined parts

CNC machine shop

Bead blasting steel precision machined parts

CNC precision machining shop

custom precision machined parts

CNC machine shop bead blasting steel precision machined parts, CNC Precision machining Service, Prototype CNC machining service) Precision machine shop

Blue Anodized Aluminum Machining Part

CNC machining

custom machined parts

CNC machine shop

Product description: we are a custom precision milling components manufacturer in China. Blue Anodized Aluminum Machining Part.

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