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The right lawyer in Charleston can make the difference between winning or losing. Choose Futeral & Nelson, LLC when you need an attorney in Charleston, SC for divorce, DUI, criminal defense, or a personal injury claim.

Because we’ve handled various cases, we’re prepared to handle any legal “curve balls” thrown at you. For example, as DUI lawyers, when an accident involves a drunk driver, we know how to prove whether someone was under the influence. Another example is when a divorcing spouse alleges criminal domestic violence, our criminal defense experience comes into play. In other words, legal diversity has many advantages.

You don’t find a new accountant every time you have a tax issue or a new mechanic whenever you need your car fixed. With our law firm, you don’t have to find a new lawyer whenever you have a legal issue or question. Many long-time clients have hired us for divorce issues, criminal charges, and car wrecks. They don’t have to go through a new intake process with a new law firm. They call our firm where we know them by name.

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$0.00 to $500.00

Price Range
$0.00 - $500.00
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