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6555 Powerline Road, Florida, 33309, USA
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Garage Golf is the ultimate destination for golfers seeking to elevate their game from the comfort of their own homes. With a passion for making premium golf simulation accessible, this innovative company offers a comprehensive range of services and products to transform any space into a state-of-the-art indoor golfing haven.

At the heart of Garage Golf lies their personalized consultation process. Their team of experts meticulously assesses each client’s unique requirements, budget, and space constraints, ensuring they recommend the perfect golf simulator setup. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a budding enthusiast, their tailored solutions cater to all skill levels and aspirations.

Garage Golf’s extensive product offerings encompass everything a golfer could desire. From cutting-edge launch monitors like Foresight and Skytrak+ to ultra-realistic golf mats and impact screens, their affiliate partnerships grant access to the industry’s finest equipment. Immerse yourself in a true-to-life golfing experience with their premium projectors, enclosures, and golf simulator packages.

What sets Garage Golf apart is their unwavering commitment to the average golfer. Their team of passionate writers, many of whom are everyday players themselves, craft insightful reviews and guides, ensuring you make informed decisions. From budget-friendly setups to luxury home installations, Garage Golf demystifies the process, empowering you to create your dream golf sanctuary.

With a focus on innovation, quality, and exceptional customer service, Garage Golf is redefining the way golfers practice and hone their skills. Whether you’re seeking to perfect your swing, analyze your data, or simply indulge in a round with friends, Garage Golf is your trusted partner in bringing the golf course to your doorstep.

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