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Law By Dan with a wide network of local lawyers in Australia can provide you with the needed information and consultations for any legal matters. If you find a lawyer in Australia and need some good free legal advice, our Solicitors are ready to help. Our Sydney Lawyers are the best place to find a lawyer in Australia for practice areas including personal injury law, family law, business law, wills and estates, criminal law, conveyancing, commercial law, and employment law. Call on 1800 952 380 for our best Family Lawyers Sydney and Criminal Lawyers Sydney now.

If you live in Sydney and are faced with a legal problem, you need to contact our Sydney Lawyers.At Law by Dan, we can take of your legal matter through the most simple to the most complex.Our Sydney lawyers are an experienced team of dedicated lawyers ready to solve your legal matter today.

We can help you with supplier agreements, superannuation, workplace obligations, employment agreements, workplace rights, intellectual property, business succession, trusts, succession planning, franchises and franchise advice, business duties, and other matters within the business law realm.


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