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Finding a comfortable and fitting brassiere can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Mission impossible. Well, here’s some great news for you: Your days of wearing badly fitting bras are over! The amazing team behind Rose & Thorne has made it its mission to produce lingerie that feels like second skin, offers support in all the right spots, and looks so darn cute! All of this for a price every gal can afford!

Rose & Thorne’s quest to provide every woman with lingerie she loves and feels good in began in 2011. The label was started by Stefan Preston and Sue Dunmore, Bendon’s former CEO and Head of Design, respectively. Backed by their experience working for Bendon, the team created a lingerie collection unlike any other, including a range of bra shapes and sizes for the different women and the different lives they live.

Whatever your needs are, the brand has them covered! From leak-proof maternity bras for new mums to moisture-wicking sports bras for the active gals, strapless bras for special occasions and plus-size bras—there’s something for everyone! Pair it with some sexy and comfy briefs and embrace the day!

Book an online bra fitting and get 10% off on your first order. At Rose & Thorne, you can shop underwear with confidence, knowing it will fit you!

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