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Hello I” is your personal AI to effortlessly store, access and retrieve your notes, experiences and knowledge. Showcase your value based on your whole lifelong learning, experiences and work thanks to your Digital Vitae. Unlock insights and opportunities, revolutionize how you interact, how you hire and get hired.

Did you know that the concept of a resume dates back to the time of Leonardo Da Vinci, spanning over 500 years? For centuries, we’ve relied on a mere two pages to convey our value, collaborate, select team members, secure positions, and make hires. Consider yourself and those around you. Can two pages truly capture the essence of who you are, your experiences, and the unique contributions you can bring? Traditional resumes often fall short in conveying personal stories, detailing experiences, and showcasing resilience— qualities that resonate more with hiring managers than mere keywords.

We wanted to change this. Introducing HelloI – a revolutionary solution. Leveraging advanced AI models, HelloI empowers you to store and access your knowledge effortlessly, creating a dynamic Digital Vitae. Tailored to your unique data, this personal AI becomes a powerful ally, aiding you in job applications, providing valuable insights for improvement, facilitating team collaboration, unlocking your full potential and giving recruiter the possibility to “chat” with your knowledge through your Digital Vitae.

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