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As a highly reputable injury attorney firm in Washington State, we here at Jacobs and Jacobs are known for our years of experience winning claims for our clients.

Jacobs and Jacobs Injury Law Group has been serving Washington State since 1893. Our vision is to passionately protect the rights of the injured. We provide consistent communication with our clients as we feel this reduces stress for everyone. We educate our clients in the process of filing the claim as well as what to expect if a trial occurs. We advocate for our clients as we represent them, safeguard their rights, and by doing our best within the law to secure the most successful outcome for their case.

A personal injury attorney represents those who have been injured through no fault of their own. Attorneys who focus in this area of law are also called ‘injury lawyers” or “accident lawyers.”

During your initial consultation, remember to ask the Injury Attorney you meet with about their experience handling cases with injuries similar to yours.

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