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We purposefully elevate the profiles of entrepreneurs through competitions showcased at L’ATTITUDE, the premier business event for Latinos. Our mission is to build the gateway of choice, through volume and sizable investments, for all sources and types of capital seeking growth, thereby catalyzing the success of Latino entrepreneurs across several rounds of funding. In addition to venture-stage returns, we will have meaningful impact on our economy by fueling more entrepreneurship, more jobs, greater wealth, and more access to capital.

L’ATTITUDE Ventures is a $100M+ institutional venture capital platform invested exclusively in early-stage innovative companies primarily owned and led by U.S. Latinos.With global expertise and access, our firm is uniquely positioned to capture outsized returns and catalyze meaningful wealth creation intrinsic in the largest and most entrepreneurial growth cohort in our country, U.S. Latinos.

L’ATTITUDE Ventures is a purpose-led venture fund that invests in Latino-led and -owned early-stage U.S. businesses with large and high-growth opportunities capturable through technology. We are an institutional venture fund that invests early at the Pre-seed to Series A stages. Beyond our criteria, we seek companies that can scale quickly and with which we can catalyze that scale.

Our form covers initial screening criteria and helps us quickly get up to speed on your business. The more information you provide, the faster we can move.If you meet our minimum criteria, we will work to move quickly through our investment evaluation process. Those companies with the highest evaluations will be considered for an investment and will have the opportunity to showcase at Match-Up. Investment consideration and Match-Up showcases are independent processes and require the below pitch submission.

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