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Did you just receive a letter from the IRS and don’t know what you should do? Leading Tax Group is here to help you understand what the IRS or various other tax agencies want. Our group of experienced tax experts (whom include auditors and former IRS tax attorneys) Sherman Oaks, can help you reduce tax liability, negotiate a settlement or instalments with the IRS on your behalf, remove bank or wage levies, and even prepare past due tax returns. In addition, we can help companies (including cryptocurrency and marijuana/cannabis businesses) comply with the latest tax rules and regulations.

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We know that your finances are under a lot of pressure if you have tax problems. This is why we would be more than happy to offer you a FREE consultation from our tax experts (whom include auditors and former IRS tax attorneys). Call our tax professionals today and let us help you

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We have some of the most experienced and aggressive tax experts in our team (whom include the former IRS tax attorneys) Sherman Oaks, California. No more sleepless nights; now you have the back of our aggressive team of experts (whom include auditors and former IRS tax attorneys) to count on to protect you or your business from the Internal Revenue Service.

You no longer have to worry about your finances of your company being under fire from the IRS or other tax agencies. The knowledge and expertise of our tax experts in Sherman Oaks will help you keep your assets protected. Our knowledgeable former IRS tax attorneys and consultants will help you with all the information you need and will represent your best interests.


Leading Tax Group is a group of tax experts, whom include former IRS tax attorneys in Sherman Oaks, CA offers free consultations & representation during audits.

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