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The inability of conventional Lidar companies to withstand interference from outside light sources, especially from other sensors, poses a serious threat to the safe deployment of autonomous cars. For a signal to cause problems with our system, it would need to precisely match the time, angle, wavelength, and encoding.

The Atmospheric LiDARs have a special integrated immunity to any interference is this one. With this multi-layered protection, there are no longer any blind spots in perception, and safety is improved and prepared for the world of sensors to come.

Using our technology to do routine scans yields Wind LiDAR of a project before, during, and after completion. It’s critical to maintain precise records of a project at every stage of its execution. Plans may be required in the future for reference if the structure is damaged, for extending construction, or to resolve disputes.

Make Careful to Plan and Make Decisions Quickly

In comparison to conventional approaches, these systems yield exact elevation data, data on inventory, surface/volume computations, accurate pit theories, and contour diagrams in just a portion of the time.

LiDAR data collection and processing can be accurately and efficiently handled by us. Australia has top-notch products that will enable your team to maximise the benefits of LiDAR mapping.

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