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Specialising in Custom Lifesize Cardboard Cutouts and Standees, Celebrity Cutouts, Character Cutouts, Celebrity Party Masks, Custom Party Masks, Party Props, Theatre Props and any other cutout for your next event!

Welcome to, we hope you find something of interest.

Over the years, as people knew or found out that I was involved in printing, we were continually asked to get something printed, help with a design etc. For a long time we resisted the temptation to start a business. However, things got the better of us, and Funprint was born. We liked the name as it described what we wanted to do, to have fun in the business, and to produce fun products.

LifesizeCutouts is a very exciting range of items with a broad market, not only for parties and the like, but also for corporate functions, trade shows, conferences, retail displays, theatre props etc. – the list goes on.

With many years experience in the printing and graphics industry, including printing sales, graphic design, pre-press, print production and colour management, we can help you with almost any printing need you have in large and small format printing and cutting. If you can’t see it, send us a note on the Contact Us page and we’ll endeavour to help, or at least point you in the right direction.






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