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Our Washington, DC criminal defense attorney at Lotze Mosley PLLC understands the emotional stress of facing time in prison, steep fines, the loss of a driver’s license, life with a criminal record, and other consequences of a criminal conviction. If you are facing these life-changing penalties, you need competent, aggressive legal representation at the earliest time possible. If you are accused or charged with committing a crime in the District of Columbia or Maryland, you can be sure that the police and prosecutors will aggressively pursue a conviction. If you are taken into custody, you may miss time from work, school, or other appointments. Even being investigated for criminal conduct can be disruptive to your personal and professional life. The uncertainty of the process and the stress of not knowing what the government wants to do with you can turn your life upside down. At such times, you need to experience a Washington DC criminal attorney who will protect your rights and stand up to government officers and agents. D.C. Criminal lawyer Monica “Nikki” Lotze has been representing clients in District of Columbia and Maryland criminal courts for a combined total of more than 25 years. Law Firm Lotze Mosley PLLC will aggressively represent you in your time of need.

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