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In the bustling city of Los Angeles, seamless construction and renovation are key to maintaining the value and functionality of your property; that’s what Maingreen Remodel & Construction delivers as a premier roofing contractor. We are passionate about transforming homes through services like elegant bathroom remodels and practical energy-efficient electrical solutions. From adding luxury with home additions to enhancing safety with top-notch insulation work – our offerings cover an extensive range including new roofing installation using only high-quality materials. As one of the reliable roofing contractors near me in Los Angeles, we don’t just stop at the roof; our expertise extends to installing windows & doors that complement your space while ensuring energy efficiency. With Maingreen Remodel & Construction’s comprehensive range from landscaping design to chimney repairs and diverse flooring options – every Los Angeles roofer project reflects our dedication to elevating your living experience while increasing curb appeal. Trust us for impactful touches like installing solar panels or carrying out foundational improvements because when it comes to reinventing homes responsibly – we’re the professionals you need!

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Bathrooms, Energy Efficient Electric, Home Additions, Insulation, Roofing, Windows & Doors, Landscape, Chimney Repair, Concrete & Pavers, Flooring, HVAC, Kitchen, Solar Panels, Foundation, Plumbing, General Home Repairs

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