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We are Expert in converting and provide embroidery digitizing logos, custom embroidery patches and Vector graphics service to the screen printers and all major printing kinds across the United States, Canada, United Kingdome’s and Europe.

Our Award winning quality digitizing services show details, less thread breakage, sharper designs and less wastage of material which leads to faster production. We work fast so that our clients meet deadlines. Our single objective is to provide the highest quality of digitizing, Patches and vector services at a competitive price. To ensure quality, we sew out each design on our embroidery machine until we are convinced of its efficient sew ability before we send the digitized file to you. We also offer you the image of the sew out for each design that you send us. Irrespective of which of our services are availed of, you can rest assured that the quality of work delivered will be absolutely top notch. Just because the prices we have are nominal or pocket friendly that certainly does not imply that we compromise with the quality of work which we deliver.

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