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5 Silverdale Drive , , CT6 7BW, United Kingdom
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As professional tree surgeons covering Whitstable, Oakley Jones Tree Services offers comprehensive solutions to maintain and improve the trees on your property. Our arboriculture services include:

Hazardous Tree Removal

  • We safely remove dead, dying and dangerous trees that risk property damage or injury if they were to collapse. This selective felling promotes the health of surrounding trees.

Crown Thinning and Reduction

  • Stratgeically pruning and trimming branches moderates your trees’ height and spread where they are growing too large for their position. This prevents crowns becoming unstable.

Precision Tree Pruning

  • Our specialized pruning enhances trees’ structural strength, shape, health and natural beauty through professional crown cleaning, lifting, reduction and restoration methods.

Stump Grinding

  • Once trees are felled, we neatly grind away stumps below ground level. This removes trip hazards and opens space to replant new trees.

Storm Damage and Emergency Services

  • We rapidly respond 24/7 to make trees safe after major weather events cause dangerous, destabilizing damage. This gets your property functional again.

Tree Planting and Relocation

  • We can enhance your landscape by selecting and sourcing healthy, appropriate tree species for the location’s soil, climate and space available, then professionally planting them.

Tree Preservation and Protection

  • Where construction work endangers valuable trees, we provide tree preservation plans, specialist arboricultural advice and solutions tailored to retain each important tree.

With ISA certified arborists, public liability insurance and strong health and safety practices, Oakley Jones Tree Services meets industry standards while providing excellent quality of workmanship and value. Contact us for specialist tree surgery in Whitstable and the surrounding region.

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