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Promolux has developed speciality led lighting for supermarket refrigerated display cases that allow the same color for all departments. This eliminates the aesthetic objections of using various types and colors of light to give different tones to perishable products such as meat, fish, deli, bakery, dairy, fruits, and others. Our lamps provide fresh, bright, natural, saturated colors across the entire visible spectrum.

Promolux is a supermarket refrigerated display case led lighting system. It has developed specialty lighting for fresh food display cases in supermarkets that allows the same color to be used for all departments. Promolux Lighting has been a pioneer in research and development of custom color lighting solutions for many industries since 1985 in Canada.

The lights in your retail bakery display case led lighting is most likely affecting your specialty bakery items. Promolux lamps can best showcase the items in bakery displays while revealing the true bounty of rich, natural and vibrant colors within each item. Furthermore, the low radiation characteristics of Promolux lamps help protect the freshness, appearance and integrity of those fragile bakery food items.

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