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Louisville regenerative medicine can heal joint discomfort without surgical procedures in Louisville, according to QC Kinetix (Springs Medical). We provide a range of services, including shoulder disease relief, hip replacement alternatives, hip surgical procedures alternatives, knee replacement alternatives, and shoulder replacement alternatives. Our biological medications are the best solution for anyone looking for alternatives to surgical procedures for pain alleviation. Nearly 90% of our patients can avoid painful operations like knee surgical procedures thanks to our regenerative medicine therapies. We provide proven treatments that provide quick relief for a variety of problems, including wrist pain, rheumatoid arthritis pain, sports injuries, and more. The best elements of science and nature are combined in the treatments that are currently accessible to heal and alleviate your injured joints. With our non-surgical approach, you can avoid invasive surgical treatments and return to your regular activities as soon as feasible. For patients of all ages, including those who were hoping to avoid surgical procedures, our services have yielded astonishing results. If you desire a non-surgical option, speak with our medical staff.

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