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45 Fitzroy Street, W1T 6EB, United Kingdom
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Revisions Music is your one-stop company for distribution music worldwide. We’re a digital music distribution company that empowers independent artists and labels worldwide to reach their full potential. We are the world’s largest digital distribution network with our advanced technology and exclusive partnerships

Our Services:

  • Worldwide Music Distribution
  • Rights Management Service
  • Music Promotion
  • Publishing Administration
  • VEVO Distribution
  • YouTube Content ID
  • Multi Channel Network

Registering your music with YouTube Content ID has never been easier. Start protecting your work and earning royalties with automatic detection of your music in videos. Choose your preferred monetization options and access detailed analytics. Begin safeguarding your creations and generating income on YouTube today!

Join thousands of successful artists worldwide and elevate your music career with Revisions Music. Access the tools and support needed to reach a global audience, build a dedicated fanbase, and achieve your musical goals.


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