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High-level medical care patients are supported by Sanctus Health Care. Our residents and patients cannot be sufficiently cared for at home or be admitted to a hospital for an extended period of time. H Only at our seven days a week centre in Pune do we offer palliative care, long-term medical and nursing care, and rehabilitation support. All amenities are offered by the facility, including laundry and housekeeping services, meals, 24-hour security via CCTV in public areas, and personal call bell services with TV and Wi-Fi.

Our Golden Rule is ‘we do to others what we wish to be done to us’.

We are passionately patient-centered and this is the driving force of all our Management’s decisions.

We understand that each patient is unique. Our rehabilitation team works with the patient so that the discharge, whenever feasible, as desired by the family is achieved. And, where discharge is not medically possible or where care at home is not possible, we extend the due care and affection to the patients as long as we are chosen to serve the patient. We have a deep understanding of patient care in a long-term and palliative care setting. The needs of such patients are different from those in a hospital. We understand the evolving needs of the patients and with our deep experience of long-term care, we know what is needed and when it is needed.

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